1. Obtain a Permit or Waiver from Permits Office:
    8026 Main Street Suite 401, Houma, LA

  2. Bring Permit or Waiver and a Picture ID to:
    Consolidated Waterworks District Number 1
    8814 Main Street, Houma, LA
    Be prepared to pay:
        $840.00 New Service Installation Fee
        $25.00 Meter Installation Fee
        $50.00 Refundable Meter Deposit
    You will be given a stick with blue paint on one end.

  3. Place the stick within 5’ of the water main where you would like the meter installed.
    This will usually be within 5’ of the front footage of your property.

  4. Call Consolidated Waterworks at 985-879-2495 and report your stick is up.

  5. Your meter box will be installed within 7 to 10 business days.

  6. Call Consolidated Waterworks at 985-879-2495 when you are ready for your meter to be installed.

  7. Your meter will be installed in 1 to 2 business days.