Meter Installation/Transfer (Connect)
To establish new service; To move service from one location to another.
Disconnect/Reconnect Fee
To reactivate water service account pulled for delinquency. Click here for Disconnect Policy
After Hours Charge
To reactivate water service account (pulled for delinquency) or turn water off/on at customer’s request after normal business hours (i.e., after 2:00 p.m. Mon-Thurs)
This fee is in addition to the standard Reconnect Fee ($25.00) or standard Call-Out fee ($30.00).
Charge for Delinquent Disconnect with Valve Found Open
Charge to reactivate water service account after disconnection for delinquency when valve in box is found to be open.
This fee is in addition to above-referenced standard reconnect fee of $25.00.
Call-Out Fee
To turn water on/off as per customer’s request. A credit can be issued if customer installs appropriate nipple and shut-off valve (3/4” brass). Waterworks will verify.
NSF/Returned Checks
Fee will be charged for all returned deposit items, including online ACH payments.
Meter Damage Fee
Fee will be charged for the repair or replacement of a water meter that has been damaged or tampered with by the customer.
Attention Customers
Customers should have shut-off valve visible for technician to leave the water off at this valve. Customers will have access to turn shut-off valve on when they arrive at the property. Customers should also have all faucets turned off. If the needle does not stop turning when the technician turns on the water, then the technician will leave the water off in the meter box. The customer will have to call the office and give a window of time when they can be met by a technician to turn on service.