• What is electronic billing (e-Bill)?

    e-Bill is our convenient paperless billing option that makes paying your Waterworks bills simple and hassle-free. No longer will you receive paper bills in the mail. Instead, you will receive an email/text message when your bill is available. Best of all - it is FREE!

    How does e-Bill work?

    Instead of receiving your normal paper bill in the mail each month, you will receive an electronic notification when your bill is generated.

    • If you elected for email notification:

      You will receive a reminder email informing you that your electronic bill (e-Bill) is available to be viewed online if you are an online customer. If you do not have an online account, you will receive the PDF copy of the bill as an attachment in the email.

    • If you elected for SMS text message notification:

      You will receive a reminder text message informing you of your amount and due date. If you are a bank draft customer, the text will indicate that the amount will be drafted from your account.

    Will I still get a paper bill if I sign up for e-Bill?

    No. Once you sign up for e-Bill, the paper bill is no longer printed and mailed to your home.

    Who can use e-Bill option?

    Any Waterworks customer is eligible for this service. Additional requirements include a valid email address for the email option and SMS texting service on the cell phone provided for text message option.

    Why should I use e-Bill service?

    • Notice of e-Bill is received up to a week earlier than paper copy bills sent by U.S. Postal Service.
    • Reduction in the consumption of paper and other natural resources.

    How much does the e-Bill service cost?

    Nothing! Waterworks e-Bill service is FREE!

    How do I signup to receive e-Bills?

    Call our office at (985) 879-2495 for an application, or download and return the completed application to our office.

    How do I view my bill?

    • If you have an online account already created, your electronic bill (e-Bill) will be available online via the payment portal.
    • If you do not have an online account, you will receive PDF copy of the bill as an attachment in the email.

    How do I make payments?

    You can use any of the pay options available via the payment portal.

    What if I don't receive an email regarding my e-Bill?

    Contact our office at (985) 879-2495 or waterworks@tpcw.org.

    What information will I need when filling out my e-Bill application?

    1. Waterworks account number (printed on your previous paper bill).
    2. Utility service address (printed on your previous paper bill).
    3. Mailing address (printed on your previous paper bill).
    4. Personal email address.
    5. Cell phone number and cell phone provider name if opting to receive text messages.

    How long will it take to switch from paper bill to e-Bill?

    Once your application is received and the account is set-up for this service, you will start receiving your bills and/or notifications via the method that you selected.

    How do I discontinue my e-Bill service?

    Call our office at (985) 879-2495.