The Louisiana Public Records Law, La. Const. Art. XII, §3 and R.S. 44:1-41, grants any person a right to examine and copy public documents in the possession of the state and its political subdivisions.

All Public Records requests:

1) Must be in writing - either through USPS or by e-mail to

2) Must specify, to extent possible, the exact record(s) requested

3) Must contain a return address, phone number or e-mail contact

After the General Manager receives the request, the records will be compiled, the charges calculated and the requestor will be notified of the pending charges.

Copies of records are $.25 per page. This charge applies to electronic versions e-mailed to the requestor. If the records are to be mailed, the cost of mailing shall be borne by the requestor. All charges must be paid in advance of the records being supplied.